Blessing 2 | 祖先保佑2


A Foreign Syndicated Series.

Xi Ji is now a popular traditional bakery well-loved by its customers, after Lian Da Xi’s (Chen Han Wei) grandfather, Lian Wen Ding, accidentally time-traveled to modern times to salvage the bakery’s reputation. But Xi Ji is now met with yet another crisis, and in his haste to save the family business, Da Xi accidentally falls into a pool and unexpectedly time-traveled back to 1918!

Back in time, Da Xi meets Chun Xian (Rebecca Lim) and encourages her to escape an arranged marriage, unaware that she is meant to marry his great-grandfather Xue Geng (Shaun Chen). The unsuccessful union threw the Lian's into a financial crisis, and Da Xi unknowingly piqued Xue Geng and roommate Sai Ding’s (Zhang Yao Dong) interest in biscuit-making. The trio started Xi Ji.

Da Xi tries to match-make Chun Xian and Xue Geng and returns to the future thinking he has settled all the problems. To his horror, he discovers his great-grandmother is not Chun Xian but Jue Hui (Paige Chua). Will another trip back in time turn the tide around or further jeopardize the future? 

Shaun Chen, Chen Hanwei, Yao Wenlong, Yvonne Lim, Jesseca Liu
TX Date:
TX Day & Time:
Monday - Thursday, 9.30pm - 10.30pm
20 Eps X 60mins
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