I Court You | 师出名门


The money-minded lawyer, Xiao Zheng Yu (Jeffrey Cheng) has displeased many people and was finally driven out by his previous boss. Hence, he employed a greenhorn, Tang Wen Xin (Lynn Lim) as an apprentice, but Wen Xin and Zheng Yu have different values and ways of doing things. Zheng Yu, who had been betrayed by his beloved, saw the shadow of his past from Wen Xin, and gradually get back to the dreams and principles that he has long been abandoned. Later, Zheng Yu once again clashed with his former lover Ke Wen Min in court. To win a lawsuit, Wen Min has repeatedly persecuted Zheng Yu. When Wen Xin has learned that Zheng Yu was in trouble, she set aside the past resentments and come back to assist Zheng Yu. However, at this time Wen Xin has changed, she became vicious and aggressive……

Jeffrey Cheng, Lynn Lim, Rickman Chia, Wilson Lee, Sherlyn Seo, Angeline Tan, Loo Aye Keng, Eric Chen, Emily Lim
TX Date:
4 May - 23 June 2020
TX Day & Time:
Every Monday - Thursday, 10pm
30 episodes x 60 minutes
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