In Time With You | 我可能不会爱你


Thai remake of the Taiwanese drama "In Time With You". Pimchanok and Thanapon are best friends since they were young. They are single and everyone thinks that they should be together, but Thanapon can't cross the boundaries of friendship.

Pimchanok breaks up with her boyfriend who has felled in love with her colleague. At the same time, her ex-boyfriend Marvin and new assistant Nick appears and try to get to be with her. Thanapon also starts a relationship with his colleague Mickey. However, Pimchanok and Thanapon find that the most important person in their life seems to be each other...

Pae Arak, Mo Mochanok
TX Date:
26 February - 14 May 2020
TX Day & Time:
Every Wednesday & Thursday 10:30pm - 11:30pm
24 episodes x 60 minutes
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