Legend Of The Phoenix | 凤弈


During the Eastern Liang Dynasty, Ye Ningzhi is the star of a circus that has been invited to the palace to perform for the Empress Dowager. She ends up being framed by the Crown Princess & put into a perilous situation. Fortunately, Wei Guang who is known as the best political strategist in the palace saves her.

Because of his act of kindness, Ye Ningzhi holds the memory dearly. Two years later, she returns to the palace to serve as a handmaiden of the Empress. Her intelligence, courage & kindness impresses everyone around her that even the unpredictable Empress was deeply moved by her along with the Emperor who has also grown quite fond of her. At this time, the Crown Princess makes her move to secure the throne which puts Ye Ningzhi & Wei Guang in the centre of a power struggle.

Viva He Hongshan, Jeremy Tsui, Cao Xiwen, Wayne Lai
TX Date:
23 October - 18 December 2019
TX Day & Time:
Monday - Friday, 8.30pm - 9.30pm
41 Eps X 60mins
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