Oh My Grad! | 老表,毕业喇!


Education is not about grades, teaching is not just taking attendance and grading papers. Born to a family of educators, school principal Roger Kwok is full of passion for education but loses his job when the school is closed down.

He winds up returning to the rundown college that his parents had established, beginning a new chapter of his educational career. He encounters all types of students, along with a difficult-to-handle tiger mom Ada Choi, making the college's final year both splendid and plagued with misfortunes.

Roger Kwok, Ada Choi, Joyce Cheng, Babyjohn Choi, Lam Mag, Wong Cho Lam
TX Date:
30 June - 12 October 2019
TX Day & Time:
Saturday - Sunday, 7pm - 8pm
30 Eps X 60mins
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