Slot Lestary: Kampung People


Laila and her family has been put under a program to protect court witnesses after her father, Razif testifies against a criminal case. In order to prevent from being harmed by the gangster group, the family has to change their identities and move to a village. Funny incidents happen when the family tries to cope with the situation.

However, Laila disobey the rule after she finds out that her boyfriend, Amri went for a date with her best friend, Amy. She decides to go back to the city to confront them.

Little that she know, the gangster group managed to track her and where the family is hiding.

Elly Mazlein, Rashidi Ishak, Riena Diana & Namron
TX Date:
29 November - 27 December 2019
TX Day & Time:
Wednesday - Friday, 9pm - 10pm
13 Eps X 60mins
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