Wait In Beijing | 我在北京等你


With the passion and dream of becoming a top fashion designer, Sheng Xia came to New York. Unexpectedly, she meets Xu Tian, who was an underclass lawyer grown up in New York. Two people with different personalities, one is inspirational and the other is yuppie, Chinese mode of thinking and American approach. Their dreams and life gradually intertwined together. An unexpected patent infringement lawsuit made Sheng Xia’s dream hanging by a thread. And her noble family born boyfriend Shen Kai was urging her to get married at the same time, and didn’t understand her perseverance for her dream at all. While Sheng Xia was in this difficult position, Xu Tian encouraged and supported her in his own way. Shen Kai, seemingly perfect, was alcoholic. Once when he talked to Jia Xiaoduo, the friend and assistant of Sheng Xia, they made mistake after drinking. With the encouragement of Sheng Xia, Xu Tian insisted on his dream, regardless of losing his career. And also finally he settled down the entanglement between him and Selina, the niece of his adoptive father. For the love and justice, Xu Tian, again, reached his hands out to Sheng Xia.

Li Yi Feng, Jiang Shu Ying, Hu Yu Wei, Jiang Ming Jie, He Du Juan
TX Date:
3 June - 5 August 2020
TX Day & Time:
Every Monday - Friday, 6:00pm - 7:00pm
46 episodes x 60 minutes
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